About College

Bokaro Education Trust, has promoted and having holding of B.Ed College in the name of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan College of Education, is an Educational institute starting with B.Ed college at Chikisya near Chas Muffasil Thana, Bokaro (Jharkhand). The Institute is fully promoted and held by Bokaro Education Trust. Dr. S. Rashakrishnan College of Education is having land on its own name and the trust has constructed its magnificient building which fulfills all the requirement of B.Ed College and NCTE norms. NCTE Code - ERCAPP-747

The increased emphasis on education in India and making education compulsory for every eligible child in India has increased the demand of trained and qualified people as a teacher. It has become must to have a degree of B.Ed for seeking employment as a teacher.

At present there is a huge demand for taking admission in B.Ed college and we got inspired by considering the huge and spontaneous demand for B.Ed college in and around Chas. More over we will be hiring the trained teacher from other places and faculty will be hired from Bokaro which is the hub of educational institute and we are in touch with the competent people.

The future prospect of Bokaro Education Trust with its subsidiaries is very bright and it can be extended upto M.Ed degree which is very few in Jharkhand.

The College is affiliated with Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh.